I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding customer service and assistance provided during a time of critical need.  My dear wife’s sister passed recently and when I called to make reservations I received excellent and professional customer service and assistance.  My wife’ s ,Helga Ashby, flight departed from Atlanta  with the destination of Berlin Germany.  From the moment I first called the quality of customer service was outstanding, second to none.  Although I have many favorable comments to make about Atlantic Fellowship over the many years past, I would like to point out and commend two employees, Ms. Donna and Joy, who are truly Customer Service Experts who constantly provided detailed follow up information to me from the first day until (July 12) when my wife returned.  Your staff represents Atlantic Fellowship in the manner that every customer expects and would like to be treated.  Hopefully, the high degree of the proficiency and excellence demonstrated by these kind ladies will become a standard for other businesses, as well.  Please thank Ms. Donna and Joy for me and Helga for the great job they do for you. Keep up the Great Job.

Respectfully, Walter Ashby


Thank YOU, Joy and Donna and all you good people of Atlantic Fellowship. You have helped me for many years.

   Cordially, Armin.

P.s.: Is there a possibility that during the fall there would be direct flights from DC to Munich ???? Just a question. I believe, Marlene would like to see part of our family near Munich, but it would have to be easy on her. AEM

I’m doing a happy dance! Your upgrade confirmed on the outbound, and since we had a higher fare code it was only 30K, so I asked to get the return as well and got it confirmed! So you have business class roundtrip confirmed and we used 60K. I changed Mrs. Mangano’s seats so that she has an aisle in the middle section where there are 2 seats and you have the aisle next to her for both transatlantic flights!


Thank you for the tickets. Also, thank you for always being so helpful and pleasant to work with.

Dear MS Donna,
Thank you for sending the ticket via snail mail. Would you believe the computer would not let me print the e-mail. I will have to ask for help since it would not accept the normal print command. I thank you for going the extra mile for me in getting the ticket information. I also appreciate your cheerful attitude. I read on your letterhead that Atlantic Fellowship has been in business for more than 40 years. For 30 of those years I have been a customer of the agency. That says something about your service.

Yours Mrs. Fletcher

Thank you, Donna,
As usual, Atlantic Fellowship delivers excellent service!
Have a wonderful rest of the summer!
   C. Lorrain

Michelle —
I got a fast response from Joy [don’t know if she’s sitting next to you],
who reported that the refund is in train and should appear in my account
register within five days. AF is wonderful. We’ve been using you for years, but this really takes the
   Best . . .

Hi Michelle and Joy
Many thanks for all your help. Really nice to have such dependable and
friendly service.


Dear Ladies,
You might remember that I had to cancel my trips in 2013 and you managed to reschedule everything for this March including help with a wheelchair. This is to let you know that everything worked out beautifully and I thanked you across the miles. I have been a customer of Atlantic Fellowship for more than 25 years and have always been satisfied. Thank you for you help, understanding and professionalism.

I will contact you later this year to make reservations for my trip in October.

Most sincerely and gratefully,

   Mrs. Fletcher

Hi Joy,
The information came through perfectly and I was able to print it. Thanks so much for your help. Everyone there has been so helpful when I had any questions and I really appreciate it. This is the very first cruise for my two daughters and myself and I couldn’t have asked for more caring people to help me through everything.

Thanks again,
   Melvina (Mina) Alford


  1. Reply Jana Svehlova

    You are the best!!! Thank you – you have been there for me many, many years.
    Jana S.

  2. Reply Karin Cicelski

    For Donna,
    I am writing to commend Donna for her outstanding work in booking numerous trips for me over the years. Donna was always extremely helpful, reliable and professional; she often went above and beyond the call of duty by securing the seats I wanted and made my trips a pleasure with great suggestions and solutions. Donna produced outstanding results in securing the best possible trip itineraries. Through her excellent communication skills she was able to present even complex issues in a very clear and precise manner. Because of the high quality work I received I recommend Atlantic Fellowship to all my friends without hesitation.
    I also worked with Joy and Michelle, who were also a pleasure to work with but I worked mainly with Donna.

  3. Reply Janice Gabriel

    Michelle is just the best!! Definitely 5 Stars!! This is my 2nd time using her services and she is so professional and detail oriented! I can count on Michelle to guarantee a fun and hassle-free vacation!!

  4. Reply !1citnaL

    Hi Mrs. Cicelski,

    I am so sorry we have had problems with the website, however, I believe the kinks are worked out. We have posted your review and we REALLY appreciate your effort and patience while this has been dealt with, and as always we appreciate your business and enjoy working with you! Thanks again

  5. Reply Jonathan Wiener

    We can’t come up with enough meaningful words to describe your help, Michelle!! You were incredibly professional and helpful and for this reason our honeymoon to Jamaica with Sandals was nothing short of perfect. We HIGHLY recommend Michelle and Atlantic Fellowship!! We will continue to use her services and enjoy her friendship for years to come. If we had one phrase to summarize our experience it would be: Michelle and Atlantic Fellowship are truly most concerned and focused on making your vacation the best one ever!

    Thank you!!

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